Fans catch falling cat in U.S. flag at University of Miami football game

Fans at a University of Miami football game used a U.S. flag to break the fall of a cat that fell from the upper deck.

Craig and Kimberly Cromer said it was the second quarter of the school’s game against the Appalachian State Mountaineers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami when the crowd’s attention was captured by a cat dangling from the upper deck.

The Cromers said fans in the upper deck were attempting to reach the cat, but succeeded only in scaring it into urinating on the fans below.

The couple pulled the U.S. flag they had brought to the stadium free from the zip-ties they were using to hang it and held it out for about two or three minutes before the cat finally fell into the waiting banner.

The flag broke the feline’s fall and the cat bounced into the crowd, where it was soon escorted out of the stadium by security.