Woman wins $1.2M after playing same lotto numbers for a year

A Michigan woman won a $1.2 million jackpot from a lottery drawing after reliably playing the same set of numbers every week for a year.

The 51-year-old Oakland County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she started playing Lotto 47 about a year ago.

“I have played Lotto 47 online for about a year,” said the player. “I always play the same numbers and I always play them online.”

The woman’s persistence paid off when her numbers, 05-06-11-36-40-47, won the jackpot in the Aug. 18 drawing.

“When I checked the results, I saw someone had won but didn’t even think it could have been me. When I looked a little closer, the numbers seemed familiar. When I verified in my account that I was the winner I was shocked. I’m still shocked,” she said.

The woman said she plans to use her winnings to share with family, take a vacation and save for retirement.