Vic Fangio says Bradley Chubb’s recent off-field issue is “over and done with”

Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb recently landed in hot water for failing to appear in court on traffic violations. The matter was resolved on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, coach Vic Fangio downplayed the situation.

“I have a good friend of mine over in Greenwood Village who’s a high-standing citizen here in the Denver area, and he had the same thing happen to him,” Fangio told reporters. “He was paying a traffic citation, and the next thing you know, he was — he went through the same thing that Bradley went through. Bradley is a high-standing individual just like that guy is. It’s over and done with.”

It’s surely not the kind of thing that would get him in trouble with the league. So the Broncos and Chubb can move forward in the 2021 season with the issue not being an issue.