Overdue book returned to Scottish library after 14 years

A Scottish library said a book that 14 years overdue was recently returned by a patron who wasn’t even aware they still had it.

OnFife, which operates the libraries in the Fife region, said a customer recently came into one of the facilities and was told they had never returned a copy of The Amazing Maurice by Terry Pratchett after checking the tome out in 2007.

Officials said the patron hadn’t realized they still had the book, but they were able to return it the next day after a search of their home.

“We encourage everyone to check their bookcases for any items they might have borrowed before lockdown, or even longer before that,” Yvonne Melville, service development team leader, told The Scotsman.

“We will give each one a warm welcome, and we’re sure the next person to read it will appreciate it having been returned.”

Overdue fees are suspended at Fife libraries, but OnFife is reminding patrons that it’s still important to return books.

“We still aren’t fining anyone for returning overdue library books, but with so many sitting in people’s homes, our libraries are running low and customers can’t find the ones they want,” the organization said in a Facebook post.